** June, 2009 ... Our U.S. Patent Request Has Been Approved! **

An efficient, quiet, fun-to-drive two-person boat
alternative to jet skis ... coming soon!

Imagine skimming across the waves effortlessly, steering with the responsiveness of a go cart! This newly-designed alternative to a personal water craft is currently in production and will be available soon.

The Water SkimmerSM is clean, quiet and fun. It's the perfect alternative to jet skis and dinghies. It's patented design makes it virtually unsinkable. How would you like a boat that will never require bailing?

The design allows for easy access, especially when swimming or scuba diving. The Water SkimmerSM offers a sweet, full 192 square inches (12"x16") of glass-bottom viewing area between the driver and steering console.


[More details on the design may be found in "The History and Design of The Water SkimmerSM" page.]

Please view details in the links below for more information.

If you'd like production and product availability information, please write to Karl


See our two-person water craft
gliding effortlessly on rough water.

We are currently seeking a boat builder to produce the Patented Water SkimmerSM!

proud to be a member of the AOMCI, American Outboard Motor Club, Inc.


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